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In accordance with the Law of the National Council of the Slovak Republic No:73/1995 Coll. on stay of foreigners on the territory of the Slovak Republic/effective June 1.1995/ persons intending to stay in the Slovak Republic for period longer then 180 days, to work or to study in the Slovak Republic must submit an application for Long Term Stay Permit/hereinafterreferred to as Permit "Ziadost o vydanie povolenia na dlohodoby pobyt/exclusively at a Diplomatic or Consular Missison of the Slovak Republic abroad. Person living in Canada should submit their application to the Embassy of Slovak Embassy in Ottawa, Ontario

A permit can be granted for a period of not more than one year with the possibility of repeated extension provided that an application for renewal of the permit is submitted at least 14 days before the expiry of the valid permit.

An application for a permit, which is to be completed in Slovak, must be accompanied by:

1. One of these documents certifying the reason of stay in the Slovak Republic:

preliminary job agreement, issued by the proper Labor Centre
notification of your acceptance for studying, medical treatment, training,etc. document on discontinuation of the procedure for issuing a Trade Licence from a Trade Licesing Office/document must identicate that the missing long term stay permit is the only reason for the interruption of the procedure/
verified copy of a Trade Licence Certificate
notarized copy of the entry into Comercial Register
notarized agreement on company`s originate/by a Notary Public in Slovakia/

2. Document stating the method and source of your income in Slovakia with specified monthly figure /a copy of the bank statement by which the money is transferred to Slovakia, a copy of the agreement between the applicant and employer concerning the salary/

3. One of these documents certifying the accommodation:

agreement on obtaining an apartment
document on the purchase of an apartment
legalized copy of an agreement of lease of an apartmnet
legalized statement either the owner or user of an apartment from whom the apartment is to be rented or with whom the apartment is to be shared including an opinion of the local Municipal Office
notarized certification from lodging facility/dormitory,hotel,hostel,etc./

4. Certificate of No Criminal record in Slovakia as well as in Canada.Certificate of No Criminal record from respective Slovak Authorities can be obtained with the assistance of the Embassy. Information about the application as well as the application itself would br sent to you upon your request. It takes approximately 1.5 month to have the application processed by the respective Slovak authorities.

5. Certificate confirmind that the applicant does not suffer from any contagious disiease the spread of which is a criminal offence according to the Law. The regulations of the Ministry of Healt of the Slovak Republic stipulate that the medical examenation shold include result of these test:

anti HIV 1
anti HIV 2
Bi/Bilirubin,ALT, Urine chemcal/
X-ray of lungs with description

6. Four passport size/style photographs

7. Fee.

The application is subject to a consular fee of 80 CAD by a Money Order or Certified Check only made to the Embassy of the Slovak Republic. We regret that we cannot accept personal Checks. Due to the currency fluctuation if this information has been issued more than 1 month ago, check the fee with the Embassy.

Please note that all document issued in English or French must by translated into Slovak language.

In accordance with the above cited Law the local office of Border and Aliens Police/hereinafter BAP/shall decide to grant or dany the permit within 60 days.Taking into consederation the fact that this term does not include forwarding of an application from our Embassy/as well as processing of the application for No Criminal Record in the Slovac Republic/ the Embassy hereby wishes to notify you that it can up to 3-4 months to have the process completed from the moment of filing the application at the Embassy. If BAP decides to do grant the permit, the Embassy will issue a visa entitling the applicant to enter the Slovak Republic.

Within three working days after the arrival to the Slovak Republic the applicant should notify BAP of his/her arrival and a place of stay in the Slovak Republic.BAP will issue an identification card. Any change of first or last name, citizenship, form of stay in the Slovak Republic, adress of the place of stay in Slovakia or change of a number of the passport should be reported to the local BAP within three days of the change and a new identification card will be issued.

A holder of a Long Term Stay Permit is obliged to notify local BAP of his absence from the Slovak Republic exceeding 180 days. Date of the planned termination of Long Term Stay should be reported to the local BAP at least 30 days in advance.

Being aware that this information can not cover all the stipulations of the Law No. 73/1995, coll/a copy of the Law would be sent to you upon your request/, the Embassy encourages you to demand an explanation of your rights and obligations arising from the Law in an area of your interest at BAP in the Slovak Republic or consult an attorney in the Slovak Republic. Kindly note that violations of the Law can result in sanctions/fine, deportation, inadmissibility of entry to the Slovak Republic/.

The Embassy wishes you a pleasant and enjoyable stay in Slovakia.

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