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Information on veterinary requirements for entry to Slovakia

The Embassy of the Slovak Republic would like inform you about the veterinary requirements for entry to the Slovak Republic:

I. All dogs and other small animals (cats, rabbits,quinea-pigs, hamster, small carnivorous animals, fowl, pigeons, birds, parrots, apes ) shall be accompanied by a Certificate of Origin nad Veterinary Health Certificate issued within 3 days prior to shipment and signed by a State Veterinary Officer or a veterinary surgeon authorized by the Government of origin, certifying:

  • that the animal has been sujected to a veterinary inspection prior to shipment and found free from any clinical symptoms of diseases witch are transmissible to the mentioned kind of animals;

  • that within a period of more than 28 days and less than 1year prior to shipment the dogs , cats and over other carnivorous have been vaccinated with rabies vaccine, approved by the veterinary services of the country of origin;

    1. an exception is only granted in cases when no vaccination against rabies is carried out or is prohibited in the country of origin. This fact must be mentioned in the Veterinary Health Certificate;
    2. the vaccination against rabies is not required for dogs, cats and other carnivorous younger than 3 months.

II. The folloving stipultations apply to permanent import of dogs and touristic travel or stay in Slovakia for a period of more than 3 months.

For imports for a period of more than 3 months the permission issued by the State Veterinary administration of the Slovak Republic is required.

At the Slovak border entry station, the animal shall be inspected by an authorized veterinary surgeon, if found unobjective from the point of view of veterinary protection it will not be permitted to enter Slovakia. The arrival of animal to the place of destination in Slovakia should be immediately reported by the importer to the competent district veterinary surgeon.

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