Copyright Notice for Slovak Cultural and Information Centre

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You may use the pictures for any non-commercial purpose if you attribute the source, e.g., "photo courtesy Ondro Mihal (" or "text courtesy of SCIC". If you are on the Web, please omit the email address and make my name a hyperlink to my home page.

I am very happy to sell my pictures for advertising, editorial use, or stock. Please contact me if you'd like to use any of the photographs commercially.

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If you would like to either purchase or use in a publication any of the photographs, or text you'll probably get my permission, but only if you are taking the image from a 24-bit display. I am even willing to supply dupe PhotoCDs to publications that want to do a high quality job.

What is commercial use? If you are charging money for your magazine, newspaper or book, that is commercial use in my opinion and you are not covered by the above license, which is intended for fellow Web authors who are not charging for their work.