The Community Folk Art Council of Metro Toronto and its member groups on March 23 1997 presented the celebration of Easter by many world's cultures which included a presentation of Slovakia and represented by Slovak Canadian National Council.

The display included traditional cultural patterns and artistic renditions of the years' most religions season such as different ways of decorating Easter eggs, various hand crafted specialties, table settings and special foods for the celebrations after the long Lenten fast.

The Slovak table presentation was setup by Margaret Dvorsky with the daylong support of Diana Dobal, Ondro Mihal and Mary Kampu who displayed her skills as a very accomplished artist at painting Easter eggs. The egg represents renewal, new life and life's perpetuation.


Slovak EasterTable Display and crows asking questions on how Easter Eggs are decorated.

Diana Dobal in the Fashion show of traditional cosumes, displaying the costume of Cicmany regions of Slovakia.

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