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Please Note: Slovak Language site is very bandwith intensive, where  you can expect to wait up to 3 minutes for a whole phrase to download and play on your computer.  There is nothing wrong with our server so do not re-click on a phrase, it will just take that much longer to download.  In order to get the full benefits  this section has to offer, you may need to upgrade the speed of your Internet bandwith or you may wish to purchase the CD version of this Slovak Language site.  The cost is $25.00 per CD and you will then have an instantaneous response time.

The primary purpose of this site is to introduce one to the rich sounds of the Slovak language.  Therefore a sound card is a definite requirement. If you do not have a sound card installed, you can still make use of the presented material but you will not be able to hear the audio.

All audio files have been digitally recorded, edited and saved as high quality sound files.  As a result the files are larger than what you may find on other sites and may therefore take a little longer to download (depending on the speed of your modem).  But your patience will pay off as you will notice the difference quality makes and we hope you feel, as we do, that it is worth the extra time it takes.  You can then appreciate the quality of the recordings made of Hana, who is a professional moderator for television in Slovakia, and try to imitate her yourself!

All Slovak words and alphabet letters found on each page are clickable items which will produce an audio file for you to listen to.  Simply click on any Slovak letter, word or phrase to hear it said in Slovak.  You can then try to repeat the sounds, words, or phrases on your own or in unison with our professional announcer Hana.  And you can repeat the words as many times as you like by simply pressing the play button again.  (Read more about the audio player below.)

You will find these sound items on any page marked with this sound graphic:

Why not give it a try now!  Here are some samples from the pages:


==>Click on the sound graphic
       beside the word "abeceda"

The Alphabet

==>Click on the letters above


==>Click on each of the two
       blue words above


==>Click on the word "POZDRAVY"

English Sounds

garden, apple

==>Click on each of the blue
       Slovak words above


Our alphabet includes the traditional Slovak alphabet as well as all the letters having diacritical marks so that you can easily access any sound you need to know when learning how to speak Slovak.  And in all sections, apart from the alphabet section itself, the alphabet sound files appear at the bottom of each page for your quick reference.  You can click on any of the letters and diacriticals to produce the sounds you would like to hear.

Give it a try here to see just how easy and convenient our reference alphabet is!


Depending on which audio player you are using you may be opening an audio window for each item you click on (this is the default setting on most browsers).  Close any audio files you are not using by clicking the "X" in the upper right corner of the audio display.  Having too many audio files open may over tax your computer's resources eventually causing your computer to freeze up, so remember to close the ones you don't need as you go along.
How to avoid this problem - If you install Real Media G7 Player or Microsoft Windows Media Player, you will not encounter a new audio file being opened with each selected sample.  Both of these players can be obtained free of charge from their respective organizations.  You can download these from or  from

Dowonload a free player from

Dowonload a free player

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