Slovak (Sloh-vak)

n, a native of, or the language of, Slovakia; a region in Central Europe that is both a home and ancestoral home to Slovaks living around the world .

[Central Europe]

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By world standards, Slovakia is a tiny territory, a small and independent country (since January 1, 1993) in the heart of Europe, not only metaphorically but also geographically. The actual geographical centre of Europe is located not far from the historic town of Kremnica. Slovakia is a place where eastern and western cultures mix together, but at the same time its a country that is unexplored and little know, except by those travellers that have ventured east of Vienna or Prague.

For those of you who are already familiar with Slovaks and Slovakia, take a few minutes to explore new sights and sounds that may have escaped your attention. To those of you for whom the people and the country is new, take some time and explore! You never know what you will discover.

The information that will be presented will be from an outsider's perspective, a view that will be fresh and different, a view that only someone not living in Slovakia can present. Explore and learn why Slovakia is a hidden paradise that perhaps will become your next holiday destination!

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