Slovak Canadian National Council
13th National Conference
May 2-4, 1997,
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

This year's Slovak Canadian National Council (SCNC) conference brought together delegates from 23 organizational groups from across Canada as diverse as dance companies, community and social clubs, and branches of the Canadian Slovak League, Jednota and Katolicky Sokol; and geographically spread from Winnipeg to Montreal. The theme of the conference was "Youth and Leadership Top Priority" and many of the speakers were asked to concentrate their thoughts on this very important topic to all Canadians. The conference workshops were divided into four major areas; Heritage and Multiculturalism, Equity in all dimensions, Leadership and Challenges. The Council is still the only forum that gives all Slovak organizations in Canada a chance to meet and discuss what they are doing , to learn from each other, as well as act as a forum for the exchange of ideas.
Presidnt of SCNC, Margaret Dvorsky opening the 13th conference.

Slovak Canadian National Council
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