Slovak Canadian National Council
13th National Conference
May 2-4, 1997, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Sunday May 5th was dedicated to SCNC internal business issues. There were presentations on the adoption of resolutions and recommendations, the election of the 1997 Board of Directors and Executive, and a presentation on the administration, fundraising, and financial status of the SCNC. The 13th conference ended very much as it started with a delicious meal that was prepared by Lou Hulaj, who took care of most of the breakfast, lunch and dinner requirements of the attendees for the three days. Irene Timko, the conference co-ordinator, Margaret Dvorsky the president of the Slovak Canadian National Council, along with Lou Hulaj, deserve much praise and thanks for their hard work in making the Windsor SCNC conference the success that it was.

Presidnet of SCNC, Margaret Dvorsky with Honorary Consul SR, John Stephens

Margaret and John Dvorsky with Mr. Klinec.

Slovak Canadian National Council
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