Jozef Stefanka "Trencin"

What makes Jozef so interesting are his artistic abilities, they are varied and extremely flexible, from sculpture to traditional paint to designing & other medium..

In order to understand Jozef Stefanka, who describes himself as an "Painter, sculptor and designer" all into one, one has to look into his past. He was born in 1941, in Trencin, Czechoslovakia, and arrived in Canada in 1968, along with others who were seeking a better life after the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in August, 1968.

His professional training and influence are again varied, but he lists Professors Zabransky, Bartlay (sculptor), Stalmach (restorer) of Czechoslovakia as men who shaped his early work. The most influential North American scultor for Jozef was Professor Bofano, of California, USA.

Jozef Stefanka has art work in many collectioins, private and public. His work has been requested by former prime minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney, as the official state gift to visiting dignitaries.

[Photo of J. Stefanka]

Working in:

Major Exhibits - Solo


The artist can act as a contact for any occasions or projects that will be enhanced by a very special art work. In addition sculptures, medals, murals, paintings are created for personal or company needs.

If you have futher questions or personal inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Jozef at:

Jozef Stefanka - Trencin
cp 215
Beauceville, Quebec
G0S 1A0
Telephone: +1 418 774 2971


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