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For more information, please contact the following individuals:  Margaret Dvorsky (SCNC) at 905-513-1215 Milan Popik at 905-671-1677 ( ) / Ondro Mihal (SCIC) at 416-925-0008 (  / Branislav Galat (SKL) at 905-735-5624 / Helen Bucic  416-787-9855 / Lou Hulaj in Windsor / Anne Stavina at 905-227-5387.


It has been many years since some of these Slovak Folklore Groups have been actively performing together.  We want to honour as many groups as possible; to do that, we need the help of any persons who were members of a Slovak Folklore Group or dance troupe, or know of any such groups.  Please contact one of the individuals (above) with any information you have  names, dates, contact persons, historical or biographical information.

On Saturday, May 9, 1998, Slovaks from across Canada will come together for a Gala Celebration of the 75th Anniversary of Slovak Folklore in Canada.  This event, sponsored jointly by the SCIC (Slovak Cultural and Information Centre and the SCNC (Slovak Canadian National Council), will be held at St. Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic Church Hall on Cawthra Road in Mississauga.

To commemorate this event and the rich history that has inspired it, we will be producing a Book that will be distributed to participants and guests at the Gala, as well as through Slovak churches and organizations.  We will be sending a supply to Slovakia and to Canadian cultural societies, libraries and businesses.  One thousand copies will be printed, with approximately 1/3 of these going to Slovakia.

The book will feature articles and photographs about the dance troupes that have performed in Canada during the past 75 years.  It will be a showcase for the achievements of this dedicated group of Slovak Canadians who took pride in maintaining the traditions of their homeland and sharing it with other Canadians.

A lovely souvenir, this book will be read and shared and cherished by the many people whose lives have been touched by Slovak Folklore in Canada.  This will also be an excellent venue for businesses interested in bringing their services or goods to the attention of Slovak Canadian consumers, and their friends and colleagues.

To help defray the cost of producing the book, we are offering advertising space at the following prices:

Size of Advertisement Space     Price
Full Page                      $250.00
Half Page                      $150.00
Quarter Page                   $100.00
Business Card Format           $ 50.00

Any donations toward this book will be gratefully accepted, and the names of patrons will be published, with an honourable mention, in the book.


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