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On the weekend of May 9, 1998, we Slovaks in Canada will come together to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Slovak Folklore in Canada.  It will be a celebration for everyone who has ever performed, supported or attended a folklore presentation.


Since the early 1920s, with the formation of Krivan folklore ensemble in Thunder Bay, to today’s children’s Bratislava Folklore ensemble in Welland, our young people have been continuously performing Slovak folklore for all Canadians.  Slovak Canadians have used folklore as a means of identifying with their Slovak nationality and promoting both Slovak awareness and  Slovak independence.  Slovak folklore in Canada was and continues to be used to differentiate Slovak culture from the other 100+ nationalities living in Canada.

Throughout the years, our young people have found Slovak folklore to be an educational as well as fun way of spending time.  It allowed them to understand their unique place in Canada’s multicultural landscape.  The dance troupes always had and continue to have very deep convictions towards their cultural heritage, which they demonstrated by spending literally hundreds of hours in training - physical exercise and practice - and making personal sacrifices.  Folklore allows all of us to remember and celebrate our Slovak roots and traditions.  The traditions are brought to life as they are performed in front of our eyes, showcasing the various dances and costumes that are part of Slovak history and our Slovak heritage.

At the same time, I invite all of you that have been touched in some way by Slovak folklore to become involved.  We need your help to make May 9, 1998, a success.  We need historical photographs, names, posters and, especially, your participation in order to properly honour all those who gave so much of their time to making sure that all Canadians knew what Slovak folklore is.  If you feel that you can contribute in any way, please call Margaret Dvorsky at 905-513-1215 or Ondro Mihal (SCIC) at 416-925-0008 or
Milan Popik at 905-671-1677.

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