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Welcome to Bradlo.
Bradlo is a Slovak community, located 10 kilometers from Hearst, Ontario, and approximately 1,000 kilometers northwest of Toronto. It was established in 1930 on the urging of a Slovak Roman Catholic priest in Montreal, who arranged for a handful of unemployed Slovak men to leave for Northern Ontario to what become the community of Bradlo. The last Slovak resident left Bradlo in 1969. In 1997, the descendants of the original Slovak settlers of Bradlo have organized a celebration in conjunction with the
75 Anniversary of incorporation of the municipality of Hearst (10 km from Bradlo) which will include recognized by a special plaque for Bradlo by Heritage Foundation of Ontario on Saturday, July 5, 1997.
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Bradlo Memories - Volume #1
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Bradlo in N. Ontario - by Martha Quin - Bies
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Bradlo - by Rudy Bies
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