Volume #1

Hearst (Ontario)

Fall 1995

Happy Holidays , Merry Christmas , Joyeaux Noel

Vesele Vianoce, Štastny Novy Rok


This is the first issue of The Bradlo Memories News Letter. The 75 th anniversary of Hearst will take place in 1997. The homecoming will be from June 27 to July 6 th 1997. This would be great excuse for former Bradlo residents to meet in Hearst . Everyone is invited . Keep those days open .

The purpose of this News Letter is many fold.

First we would like to establish some activities that we could all participate in at Hearst in June and July, 1997 and to keep people posted on the progress .

Second we would like to record the history of the Community of Bradlo in tribute to the original settlers .

Thirdly we invite volunteers to help out with new ideas and to help out in the execution of these ideas.

Research of Bradlo history has been on going for many years. Over the past year however this research has become focussed by the initiative of Anne Bies Siska . Anne is the only original resident of Bradlo who still lives in nearby Hearst and is one of the very few people that have actually been born in Bradlo . She is a very important link. There have been visits with Stella ( Drajanoff ) Wurm, Delia ( Martin ) Hillman, Maria Sevc, Anne (Kuhayda ) Hendry, Mary Kuhayda , Andrew and Dorothy Tapajana, Mary (Filo) Lenk, Karl Filo and Anne Lasan, Joe Lilko, Anne Kubic , John Urias, Anne Lovisek, Steve Lovisek , Olga Bies Stevenson , Roger Joanis, John Bies Jr. and, Anne Bubnick Brouillard.

Letters, audio tapes, and video tapes of the late Jan and Anna Bies have been revisited. Wonderful old Photographs have been brought out and shared. A concession map has been prepared showing the names of many of those early settlers. Many Bradlo memories are coming back. With each News Letter we plan to share photographs and stories.

To many of us Bradlo is a special place. Those original settlers were parents to some of us, grandparents to others and will be ancestors to future generations still to come.

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