Volume #1

Hearst (Ontario)

Fall 1995

After pursuing educations, careers, and raising families, many of us, as Anne Kuhayda Hendry, and Anne Bies Siska have pointed out now have time to reflect on where we have been.

It was to Bradlo that some of our ancestors came to begin a new life in Canada. Some of us came to Bradlo with our parents as small children. Some of us were actually born in Bradlo or the nearby town of Hearst. Many of us took our first steps there. Most of us attended our first school at the S.S.#4 Kendall School. Some served in Canada's armed forces to protect Canada's freedom during the Second World war. Others have only heard about Bradlo from their parents, grandparents, an Aunt or an Uncle. All of us share a very special bond for this experience.

Today there is still a Bradlo presence in the nearby town of Hearst. Anne Bies Siska, her daughter Krista Joanis , Delia Martin Hillman, Alex Bubnick and Anne Bubnick Brouillard just to name a few still live there.

Bradlo Tombstones can be found in the two cemeteries at Hearst. The Church from Bradlo still stands in nearby Lac Ste. Therese.

Activities Planned For Hearst During 1996, and 1997

1) A good starting point was to officially name the existing Concession Road at Bradlo " Chemin Bradlo Road ". This was initiated by Anne Bies Siska and she has succeeded in making this a reality . See report from Hearst by Anne Bies Siska.

2) A second proposal is to put up a memorial plaque at the entrance to the Bradlo Road to commemorate the unique Slovak Settlement of Bradlo. ( Committee members Andrew Tapajna, Anne Kuhayda Hendry, Anne Bies Siska Rudy Bies, and Olga Bies Stevenson. )

3) A third proposal is the possibility of a memorial plaque at the original Church site at Bradlo.

4) A fourth proposal is to hold a Church service in the original Bradlo Church now located at Lac Ste. Therese . See Annes ' report from Hearst for the status of this event.

5) A fifth proposal is a small special reception at a restaurant or at Anne Bies Siska's.

6) And a sixth proposal is a meeting or picnic at Bradlo.

7) A seventh proposal is an exhibit at Hearst as Anne Bies Siska suggests in her report from Hearst. Old family photographs and an Art Show could be a possibility.

We thank all of those who have so generously given of their time, shared their treasured photographs of the old days , and their heartwarming reminiscences of their Bradlo experiences. This enthusiasm, warmth, and friendship will make this project a success. The Dialogue must continue.

Please comment on the suggested events and feel free to make any new proposals . If you have any photographs to share, stories to tell, family updates or upcoming Social events pplease contact .

Anne Bies Siska
P.O. BOX 1162,

Please pass a copy of this news letter along to any other interested people, especially former Bradlo residents or their descendants.

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