Volume #1

Hearst (Ontario)

Fall 1995

I have made a proposal to the committee of the 75 th Anniversary of Hearst about a presentation of Bradlo for the occasion , and they are quite enthusiastic. The homecoming will be June 27 to July 6 th 1997 so hopefully many of our former residents will come. I have spoken to the parish priest at Lac Ste. Therese, Father Remi Lessard, and he assures me that we can have the use of the church for a mass at this time. The church from Bradlo was moved to this location sometimes in the early 50's and is still very much in use. For our exhibit for the occasion , I still have the original teacher's desk from the Bradlo School, that could be used. I'm hoping that someday there will be a museum in Hearst where this desk could be displayed permanently. Perhaps someone else has Ideas for this event , so please feel free to share. It is important that as many as possible of the

originals of Bradlo and / or their children are involved in this project in order that we can present the true picture of that settlement.

Someone once said something to the effect that " In order to know who we are we have to know who we were." I don't know the exact words but this says it very well. I would like to think of this project as a tribute to our parents, and as a gift to ourselves and to our children and their children while at the same time contributing historic data to the archives of Hearst. We can all benefit.

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Anne Bies Siska P.O. Box 1162

Le Nord Newspaper of Hearst Ontario published an Article on Bradlo on November 22, 1995. The Story is in French and is titled " L'histoire de Bradlo".

Please enjoy the attached copy (on the next two pages).

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