Volume #2

Hearst (Ontario)

Fall 1996

Bradlo’s First Students

In the first issue of Bradlo Memories the Guest Columnist was The First teacher at Bradlo Stella Drajanoff Wurm. She made the following comment about her students in that first class ;

“ I settled down to face the monumental task of teaching twenty six children who could speak no English. One boy Joe Lilko , who had gone to school for six months in Stavert, now Jogues, could speak some English and proved to be my Salvation. With Joes help, translations of the readers was possible and progress was incredible as my pupils were bright , eager and avid learners and an amazement to my inspectors.”

Bradlo Memories contacted two of the students from that first class in Bradlo. Mary ( Lasan ) Marzan and Joe Lilko and asked them to share their experiences and feelings about Bradlo. Mary wrote the following touching piece that expresses so well how it was.

Meeting of Bradlo Slovaks Feb. 16, 1996 , Photo credit Anne ( Kuhayda) Hendry
Front row left to right Reina Lilko, Joe Lilko, Ann ( Lasan) Filo, Maria Sevc ( Seated)
Mary ( Sevc) Cismar, Mary ( Lasan ) Marzan, Anne ( Kuhayda) Hendry. Anne Bies Siska
Back row left to right Andrew Tapajna, John Bies Jr., Karl Filo, William ( Bill) Bies

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