Volume #2

Hearst (Ontario)

Fall 1996

When I finished grade 8 , I went to work in Hearst and a Cafe on Front St. I shared a room with Mary Buncko in a family home. I finally left Bradlo to go to Toronto in 1943 to get a job. I have never gone back to visit. I shall never forget Bradlo where I grew up.

Mary ( Lasan ) Marzan
February 1996

Mary is married to John Marzan and they currently live in Scarborough Ontario, They have two Children, Catherine and Janet .

Joe Lilko spoke to us on many occasions. Others we talked to spoke highly of him. We put together the following profile from these various conversations.

Joe Lilko

Joe Lilko was born on November 23 , 1921 in Helpa , District of Banska Bystryca Slovakia . His mother was, Maria ( Riapos ) Lilko and his Father was Joseph Lilko both from Helpa.

Maria ( Riapos ) Lilko and Joe Lilkos passport photo taken at Helpa
home before embarking for Canada in the summer of 1930. Photo courtesy Joe Lilko.

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