Slovak Cultural and Information Centre in Toronto celebrates 100 years of Cinematography and Slovak Film

by Ondro Mihal

On a cold February 28, 1996 evening, the premises of SCIC were filled with dedicated fans of Slovak cinema, who came to the inaugural presentation in honour of 100 years of Cinematography and Slovak Film. The film they came to see was the original Janosik, filmed in 1921. This film was directed in 1921 by Jaroslav Siakel for Tatra Film Corporation of Chicago, Ill. USA. Jaroslav Siakel was born in Blatnice, Slovakia and this past January 4, 1996 celebrated his 100 birthday in Western Spring (near Chicago), Ill. U.S.A. He is the oldest living director in the world.

The evening was hosted by Ondro Mihal, President of SCIC, Margaret Dvorsky and Ann Stavina, directors of SCIC and Dagmar Holetschke, Cultural Advisor from MS in Slovakia. After a short greeting by Ondro Mihal, Ms. Holetschke presented to the attendees a short history of Slovak Film, an overview of the making of Janosik in 1921; and the Centres objectives' in future presentations of Slovak films. In addition, Ms. Holetschke announced to the attendees that SCIC is accepting individual memberships to the Centre and that it is actively helping tourism in Slovakia via an agreement with WEM Services of Toronto.

"Janosik" was a silent film, filmed in 1921. The version presented at the Centre was composed of pieces from both the Slovak and the American version; which was created by STV in 1975. After the presentation of the film, all were invited to coffee, tea and home made deserts which were prepared by the SCIC directorate. Those in attendance expressed their appreciation of Centres' new initiative and committed themselves to coming to future planned presentations of Slovak Cinema.

The next presentation will be "Evanjelium o Marii" (Gospel about Maria), and will be shown at the Centre on March 26, 1996. This film is about the relationship between Jesus Christ and his mother, Maria and as part of the Easter theme, it is the Centres' contribution to these activities in the Slovak community.

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