Slovak Cultural and Information Centre
Second Year Anniversary
Toronto - November 8th, 1997

The second year of existence was started off with a unique cultural program which was hosted by a Slovak superstar Michael Docolomansky. The success of the show and the publicity generated by Mr. Docolomanskys’ visit to Canada illustrated that Slovak Culture is alive and well, supported by Slovaks living in Canada.

The major thrust of the second year of SCIC was aimed mostly at expanding information about the Centres mandate to Canadians and numerous Canadian organizations. Canadians (including other cultural organizations) now call for information on Slovaks, Slovak culture and Slovakia. The presentation of Slovaks and Slovakia to Canadians was mainly done through written mail, shows, presentations and through electronic media called the Internet. In all of these categories different audiences were reached and informed about Slovaks and Slovakia.

Photo: Top left Mr. Milan Popik and John Stephens,
Top right, Eliska Fracova, Bottom Left Mr. Ondro Mihal,
Bottom Right, Mr. Milan Popik and Mr. Stanislav Opiela

Photo of ULUV folkart display as
designed by Julius Behul.

Photo of Ms. Iveta Vojtko,
Mr Zdeno Drdol and
Mr. Julius Behul.

Photographs by George Katanik
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