Slovak Cultural and Information Centre
Second Year Anniversary
Toronto - November 8th, 1997

This does not mean that Slovak organizations were not also supported. With increased co-operation between Slovak Organizations in Slovakia and SCIC, we were able to better serve and support other Slovak Canadian Organizations in their needs to inform and educate Canadians about Slovaks and Slovakia. On more than one occasion we jointly worked with both SCNC, CSL branches and other Slovak organizations with brochures, posters and hand-out material for their members and guests.

Our success this year came from the efforts of many people, some of whom are already well known to you, others who have only started contributing to the success of SCIC. These include the SCIC board of directors in Canada, Matica Slovenska in Slovakia, SACR, and SIA.

Photo: Top Left - Mrs.a and Mrs. S. Opiela, Mr. xxxx and
Mrs. M. Behul, Bottom - Mr. M. Popik, Mr.Ignac Zajac,
Father B. Miscovic, Mr. Peter Cogan.

Photo of Eliska, Matus
Popik and Andrea.

Photos of Ms. M. Mihal
and Ms. Joan Stainton.

Photographs by George Katanik
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