Slovak Cultural and Information Centre
Second Year Anniversary
Toronto - November 8th, 1997

In all, SCIC has been very busy in fulfilling its mandate of informing Canadians about Slovaks and Slovakia. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you, organizations and individuals, who supported us throughout the past year and invite all those who did not, to work with us in the future. We invite you to join our ranks as members of SCIC because with your help, we will continue to respond to the needs of our community and further develop our Centre.

As the Republic of Slovakia enters its sixth year of its existence on January 1, 1998, we are more than committed to fulfilling our mandate, that is, to provide information on the Slovak Republic and its cultural institutions. As well to utilize and promote the wealth of resources in Slovakia to expand the understanding of Slovak culture to both the Canadian and the Slovak-Canadian communities.

Photo of Mr. J. Stephens, Ms. M. Allimond, Mr. S. Opiela, Mrs and Mrs. Susanik
Photo of Mrs. Ann Stavina, Mrs. Ceresna, Matus Popik and Maria Popik

Photo of Mrs. V. Opiela and
Mr. O. Mihal

Photo of Miss M. Mihal,
Mrs. Susanik and
Ms. J. Stainton

Photo of Mrs. Ann Kanatink
and Mrs. Ann Stavina

Photographs by George Katanik
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