Slovak Canadian National Council
13th National Conference
May 2-4, 1997,
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

In addition to the presentations, there was a discussion regarding the work that has begun on a major event to take place this July -- that is the celebration of the former Slovak colony of Bradlo in northern Ontario, near Hearst. It has been almost forgotten that unemployed and desperate Slovaks living in Montreal during the Great Depression of the 1930s were sent to that remote spot to colonize the land, and that Bradlo in Canada existed as a Slovak settlement well into the late 1960s and early 1970s. The SCNC is the chief organizer of a planned celebration of the founding of Bradlo and it hopes to have a historical plaque put in place in Bradlo to mark the occasion so that in future all Ontario people will know of the settlement of Slovak pioneers. This SCNC activity is similar to the Council's initiative four years ago when it set up a memorial sculpture in Frank, Alberta, in honor of the Slovak miners and their families who died when a mountainside slid down and buried the town of Frank.

Representatives of the Bradlo Project,
Anne and Rudy Bies.

Slovak Canadian National Council
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