Slovak Canadian National Council
13th National Conference
May 2-4, 1997,
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Perhaps the most touching talk was by Frank Chauvin, a former policeman from Windsor who has become world famous for his volunteer work with orphanages. Mr. Chauvin single-handedly founded an orphanage for girls in Haiti, and went on to found several more there and in other countries of the world. He has received the Order of Canada and numerous other awards for his charitable work. Chauvin had nine children himself, and worked at two jobs to bring them up. And on top of that his family took in a dozen other unwanted children from many parts of the world, as well as raising the money and administering his world-wide string of orphanages. His great exploits reminded us all of the powerful changes that can be made in this world by even one person with determination, good will and goals.

Speaker Frank Chauvin

Slovak Canadian National Council
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