Presentation of a Slovak Crèche to
the Oratory's Museum - Montréal, Québec, Canada
September 7, 1996


Sculptor Katarina Slivkova started to realize her Nativity scene from this traditional consciousness. The three hills the background represent Slovak countryside, while simultaneously conveying a higher symbolism since they are a part of Slovakia's crest. In their foreground there is a shepherd's hut where the biblical event of the Birth of Christ takes place. Gathering Slovak shepherds bring with them the reality of their existence This Nativity scene is not a copy or an imitation of traditional folk crèches. It is an artistic stylization that intentionally selects the simplicity of expression to celebrate the joy of the birth of the Savior and to evoke the spirit of tradition. The intention of the sculptor for the Canadian audiences was that her Bethlehem brings nearer the uniqueness of a Slovak Christmas, and for the Slovak Canadians that it reawakens the memories of an intimate beauty of Christmases of their' mothers and fathers, and the unforgettable charm of their homeland.

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