Eduard Kukan Visit to SCNC
Toronto, Canada
October 22, 1997.

On October 22, 1997, Margaret Dvorsky hosted at the premises of SCNC Mr. Eduard Kukan, president of the Democratic Union party in the premises. Members of many Slovak organizations as well as individuals came to hear and exchange opinions with Mr. E. Kukan.

The evening was opened by a short welcoming speech by Margaret Dvorsky where she also introduced the various members of the audience, who had the opportunity to introduce themselfs and their organization. Mr. Kukan then introduced himself, his purpose for visiting Canada, the platform of his party and the platform of the just created Slovak National Coalition.

Dr. Joseph Kirchbaum, Dr. Eduard Kukan, Margaret A. Dvorsky, Anne Chuli, Bernard Kadnar, Dr. Stanislav Kirschbaum, Peter Cogan, George Konecny.

Above photo: Mrs. Margaret Dvorsky and Tibor Divinec

Above Photo: Mr. Peter Cogan, Dr. E. Kukan, Mr. M. Popik, Prof. S. Kirschbaum, Mrs. M. Knaze, Mr. Peter Weinwurm

Photographs by John Dvorky
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