Eduard Kukan Visit to SCNC
Toronto, Canada
October 22, 1997.

After the official sit down chance to discuss various issues with Mr. E. Kukan, a short reception was followed. As can be seen by the accompanying photos, the members of the community had the opportunity, in a one-on-one manner to discuss various issues with Dr. E. Kukan.

Margaret A. Dvorsky, Helen Bucic, Dr. Eduard Kukan, Gabrika Bucic, Anna Chuli, Ann Katanik

John Stephens, Margaret A. Dvorsky, Ondro Mihal, Helen Bucic, Dr. E. Kukan, Anna Chuli, Gabika Bucic

Miro Knaze, Dr. Eduard Kukan, Matej Stanek

Photographs by John Dvorky
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