Jozef Stefanka "Trencin"

Kundaliny I



Recreating itself into another form in shapes of speed, simplicity, lightness, elegance of function and marvel. All this brings to humanity joy, happiness and the sense of wonder - perhaps knowledge of themselves. The "light" always fascinates me, with all its characteristics, its shapes to see something around that we can visually enjoy. It gives life to things otherwise hidden in darkness, almost following the parallel path of the inner light. The inner light expands from invisible to visible and gives its own form of expression as it expands to support all existence, visible or invisible.

In creating the light sculpures, Jozef states:

"My great interest in this light brings me on the road to work and play together with its properties and come up with something for others to use and enjoy. This work of art, in the form of a light sculpture, is a representation of the energies which we utilize in our daily lives. This brings me the greatest satisfaction. Through all this I demonstrate mine contribution to humanity."

Title: Kundaliny I

Edition: 1500

Composition: Boundet Calcit, 24K Gold Leaf, Methaliques, Wood, Electric Components.


This lighting sculpture "Kundaliny I" represents the energy inside man. The face of a man is reflected in a brilliant golden hue. The light is shining around the space and gives a deep warm feeling which effects the emotions of a person. The outside of the sculpture suggests the deep meditative state in which the energies take shape in the form of a suggestion that the beholder envisions.

Let there be peace and joy in the beholders heart.

Price and Order form: CDN $2,500.00.

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