Jozef Stefanka "Trencin"

In complexity of human thoughts and its abstraction in emotions, I express my vision in surrealistic view of concepts for ever searching soul.

Jozef Stefanka -- "Trencin"

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Canada is home to many famous Slovak artists, who by their unique talent contribute to the Canadian mosaic. One such artist is Jozef Stefanka, also known by the name "Trencin", the name of the city of his birth, in Slovakia. Jozef has lived in various cities in Canada as well as the United States, and today lives in a small town in Quebec called Beauceville. His Dantesque works, filled with mythological essence, deepened by a perpetual continuity of reflections on death, life and evolution., show the mirror-spirituality of his ideals and mystic passion embracing all humanity.

What makes Jozef so interesting are his artistic abilities. They are varied and extremely flexible, from sculpture to pastels to chalk to traditional paint. What better way to understand an artist than through his art!!!

Light Sculpture

Acrylic Relief

Mixed Media






Water Colour

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