"The Ambassadors of Culture" Video

An exciting new video, "The Ambassadors of Culture", recalls the past 75 years of Slovak Folklore in Canada .  This video is a sequel to the 1998 World Year of Slovaks project where Canadians of Slovak background  proudly celebrated 75 years of Slovak folklore culture in Canada.   The video combines footage of dance group performances and interviews with group managers, choreographers and dancers, in an historical panorama representing their cultural achievements.

The video, which premiered on May 8, 1999,  helps to bring into the public eye many never before seen events that have been recorded on film since the 1930's. It showcases many of the 30 Dance Troupes from across Canada, and allows the general public to see how Slovaks, for the past 75 years, have been celebrating and having fun while sharing their unique Folk Dance culture with everyone.

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