Volume #2

Hearst (Ontario)

Fall 1996

Elizabeth Pearce at her home in Aylmer in June of 1996. Photo R.T.Bies

Gretta Mustard R.N. is survived by her daughter Elizabeth Pearce. Gretta was related to several famous Canadian doctors from the Mustard family. She was the aunt of the well known Blue Baby doctor from the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto Dr. Bill Mustard, of Dr. Bob Mustard ,and a cousin of Dr. Fraser Mustard. Her Brother Thornton Mustard was the principal of Ryerson when it was the Teachers Normal School in Toronto .He was drowned on September 3, 1939 at the start of World War 2 when the Athenia was sunk, returning from Britain.

The Arkinstalls and Gretta Mustard were major players in the early life of Bradlo. The Arkinstalls and Gretta Mustard delivered many Bradlo babies . The Urias Twins Mary and Annie , Ann Lasan, John Bies Jr. Rudy Bies, Martha Bies Quin etc. are just a few.

In the book “Pioneer Partners at St. Pauls “ written by Dr. Margaret Arkinstall and Elizabeth Pearce the story of Mrs. Maria Janoska’s death was told .

The source of the story was Gretta Mustard’s nursing report to the W.M.S ( Woman’s Missionary Society ) Head Office in Toronto . Gretta often included human interest stories with her reports. These stories were beyond her call of duty and today are invaluable pieces of recorded history . Most of us were aware of the Janoska tragedy from the oral history passed on to us by our parents. But the sources of our information, our late parents are no longer available . We are therefore grateful to Dr. Margaret, Gretta Mustard, and Elizabeth Pearce.

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