Volume #2

Hearst (Ontario)

Fall 1996

When he left the services he returned to Timmins Ontario where he worked in maintenance . First he worked for the Feldman Timber Company as a mechanic for five years. Then he worked at the GM Dealership for fifteen years , eight as the Foreman. His final job was at the Kid Creek Mine ( formerly Texas Gulf Co. ) , lasted twenty years. He was the maintenance foreman in charge of sixteen mechanics and millrights until his retirement. His training in Diesel Mechanics with the Army and further training in Milwaukee and Syracuse prepared him well for this job.

In 1946 Joe met Reina Courchesne of Timmins. They married in 1947 and have a a family of four children. His daughter Christine born in 1949 a nurse , is married to Dr. Sydney King and they now live in Meadville Pensylvania U.S.A. They have two sons.

Their son Edward born in 1951 is a computer programmer for the Kid Creek Mine in Timmins. He is married to Celine Chartrand and they have two sons.

Their son Randy born in 1956 is a Professional Engineer ( P.Eng ) working for Allied Signal Aerospace in Toronto, where he heads an engineering team that works on space technology . He has just recently been promoted . He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Western University in London Ont. and also holds a Degree in Journalism from Western . Randy’s wife Ingred Hibbart is from Timmins and is a Lawyer. She graduated from Western. They live in Milton and have one son.

Their youngest son Gregory just graduated in Media Arts from Sheridan College.

He works for Invision Productions in Toronto and lives in Milton.

In the early 1950's Joe returned to Hearst to see his mothers grave. The cemetery had been altered and some graves moved . The wooden cross marker that his father had made was missing. He could find no records of his mothers grave old or new. But the Hearst 75th Historical Research Committee was able to locate some of the Church records as can be seen from Anne Bies Siska’s report from Hearst .

We complemented Joe and Reina on the fine job that they had done in raising their family and asked them for the secret .

Joe thought for a while and then said that when he was working in McKennies Garage and sleeping on that bed in the corner he made a promise to himself that if he ever had children of his own that they would never have to go through what he was going through. We appreciated education he said. In my life the lack of education was what held me back. I could have done more you know . When our children were studying we were patient and supportive. We encouraged them to study.

Joe is now retired and lives with his wife Reina in Milton Ontario.

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