Volume #2

Hearst (Ontario)

Fall 1996



Robert Rudolf Bies and Beth Rene Pflug were married in Washington D. C. , U.S.A. on August 31, 1996 A second reception was held for Robert and Beth in Canada on Sept. 14, 1996.

The young couple reside in Washington D.C. where both are Research Scientists at Georgetown University. Beth who was originally from Markette Michigan is doing Post Doctoral Research in cell biology and Robert from Etobicoke Ontario Canada is completing a Phd . in Pharmacology.

Beth and Robert were married by Beth’s father Rev. Theodore Pflug a Lutheran Minister.

The Parents of the Bride are Constance and Rev Theodore Pflug from Grand Rapids Michigan. The Parents of the Groom are Rudy and Gloria Bies from Etobicoke Ontario in Canada.


Sarah Michelle Siska. On August 10, 1996 in Thunder Bay Ontario.

Proud parents Michael Siska and Suzanne Allain who were married on October 8, 1995.

Proud Grandparents Anne Bies and John Siska and Andre and Maureen Allain.


Sarah Michelle Siska. On November 10, 1996 in Toronto.


THIRTY FIVE (35) Mary Kuhayda and John Schiestel


55 years William ( Bill) Bies
65 years Hugh Stevenson husband of Olga Bies
75 Years Joe Lilko


VETERANS JOE LILKO, ANDREW JANOSKA, KARL JANOSKA, JOE LOVISEK, NICK BUBNICK , JOHN URIAS. All survived the War however only Joe Lilko and John Urias are alive today. Thank you Gentlemen.


Tina Bubnick


Jason Timothy Davitsky B.Sc.
Bachelar of Science in Environmental Sciences Honours Program
University of Guelph, Guelph Ontario.
Grand parents Anne Bunsco, Nick Davitsky
Great Grand Parents John and Maria Bunsco

Gregory Lilko Three year Diploma in Media Arts from Sheridan College .
Parents Joe and Reina Lilko.

Anicka Susan Quin B.Sc. (With Distinction)
Environmental Protection
Bachelar of Science in Environmental Sciences, Honours Program
University of Guelph , Guelph Ontario
Parents Martha Bies, Brian Quin, Grandparents Jan Bies, Anna Hucko

Lori Siska
Gerentology Multidisciplinary Diploma , Fanshaw College London Ont.
Parents, Anne Bies , John Siska,
Grand Parents Jan Bies, Anna Hucko

Michael Siska M.S.W. ( Master of Social Work)
Lakehead University Thunder Bay Ont.
Parents, Anne Bies and John Siska,
Grand Parents Jan Bies, Anna Hucko

Tara Leigh Urias B.A.
Four year Psychology degree
Brock University St. Catherines Ont.
Parents Mary and John Urias, Grandparents Karol Urias

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