Volume #2

Hearst (Ontario)

Fall 1996


From Nov. 2, to Nov. 21 of this year Olga (Bies) Stevenson made a sentimental journey to the place of her birth . She visited relatives in Myjava., Kostlne, Stara Tura , Hodulov and Hrashne Vrchs, the ancesteral home of the Bies , Hucko, Kostka , and Stancik Clans of Canada and the U.S.A.

When Olga recuperates from her trip perhaps she could be persuaded to write something for our next Bradlo Memories issue. We are anxious to hear about her experiences and special moments.

Olga used the services of Tatra -Travel of Toronto which is owned by a former Bradlo Slovak Anna ( Sevc) Zapletal.

Teaching in Korea

Brenda Slobodnik, a High School teacher is teaching English in Ch’Unjam South Korea. In Canada she teaches French Immersion. Brenda is the daughter of John and Flo Slobodnik and the granddaughter of Gus Slobodnik.


Olga ( Bies) and Hugh Stevenson closed their a Graphic Arts Business called “AGA OK. “ This was the second retirement for Olga who had in 1989 retired after teaching for over thirty seven years. It was the first retirement for Hugh who has been a Commercial artist since Graduating from the Ontario College of Art some forty years ago.

We wish them well in their retirement.


Please send us names and addresses of people left out or make any corrections to the names as shown. In the next issue we hope to list children and so on.

Olga Bies Stevenson Brampton Ontario, Anne Bies Siska Hearst Ontario, Martha Bies Quin Ajax Pickering Village, John Bies Jr. Powason Ontario, Rudy Bies Etobicoke , Bill Bies North York ( Toronto) Ernie Bies Nepean ( Ottawa ) Mary (Filo) Lenk Welland, Rudy Filo Welland, Tony Filo Fort Erie, Karl Filo Whitby, John Filo Sudbury. Matt Garec Welland, Joe Lilko Milton Ontario, Anne (Lilko) Reid Timmins Anne Kubic Sault Ste Marie Ont., Anne Lovisek (Joe) Toronto, Steve Lovisek Scarborough, John Sevc Etobicoke, Maria Sevc Toronto Ont., Mary (Sevc) Cismar Etobicoke, Anne (Sevc) Toronto Ont. Anne ( Kuhayda ) Hendry Hamilton Ont, Helen ( Kuhayda ) Lalonde Inuvik, Elizabeth ( Kuhayda ) Frazer, John Wydareny Edmonton Alberta, Emile Wydareny London Ontario, Mary ( Lasan) Marzan Etobicoke , Ann ( Lasan ) Filo Whitby Ont, John Urias St. Catherines Ont., Frank Urias Niagara on the Lake Ont. Mary (Tellapanich) Fedor Welland Ont., Andrew and Dorothy Tapajna Ancaster Ontario, Emily (Wydareny) Parlee of London Ontario. Sister Cecilia Dronzek of Windsor Ontario. ( Sisters of St. Joseph’s of London). Andrew Rajna of Kitchener

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