Volume #2

Hearst (Ontario)

Fall 1996


This is the second issue of The Bradlo Memories News Letter. The 75 th anniversary of Hearst will take place in 1997. The homecoming will be from June 27 to July 6 th 1997. Our Bradlo Days are Friday July 4, to and including Sunday July 6 , 1997.Keep those days open .

It is almost one and a half years since Anne Bies Siska sent out an invitation to former Bradlo Slovaks to try and come up with some activities that we could all participate in during the Hearst’ 75 th Anniversary celebrations.

We set out then to record and document the history of the Community of Bradlo in tribute to the original settlers and to reach as many former residents and their descendants as possible. This has been a rewarding experience for the many researchers who got involved.

Very significant old photographs have been discovered and catalogued. A brief summary of the history of Bradlo has been recorded to substantiate the oral History of our community that had been passed down to many of us through our parents. Please see the Photo Page for some nostalgic photographs.

Slovakia , A Slovak Heritage Newsletter from Rochester New York Published an Article about Bradlo titled An Immigrant’s Memories in their Fall 1995 newsletter. Our Bradlo Memories Newsletter and our Bradlo Project were given another promotion In the Fall of 1996 issue.

This is very much appreciated and we are attaching copies of both items to this issue of Bradlo Memories.

Slovakia is an excellent Slovak , Heritage Newsletter Published by Helene Cincebeaux of 151 Colebrook Drive, Rochester, New York 14617-2215 USA. It is mostly in English so that it can reach many of Slovak descendants in Canada especially those who no longer can speak the Slovak Language but who wish to learn about their roots .Many of us have cousins in the U.S.A. as at the turn of the century many Slovaks emigrated to America. Most Bradlo families have relatives not only in Slovakia but also in the United States.

We have a heritage to be proud of. Please see the membership form attached if you are interested in becoming a member.

Slovak Canadian National Council (SCNC)

The Slovak Canadian National Council has officially endorsed our Bradlo Project. Meetings were held with the President of the SCNC Margaret A. Dvorsky , L.H.S. on March 15, 1996 and on October 16, 1996.

Margaret put our project on the agenda of the Eleventh National Conference held in Montreal Quebec in March of 1996.

In Montreal the actual presentation of the Bradlo Project to the SCNC delegates was made by Marriane Cismar Shapiro. This was particularly fitting because Marianne is the Granddaughter of the only living member of the original Bradlo Slovaks , Mary Sevc.

A special moment.

The SCNC is actively involved the planning of our project with Andrew Tapajna and Rudy Bies representing Southern Ontario and Anne Bies Siska representing Hearst.

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