Volume #2

Hearst (Ontario)

Fall 1996

Margaret tabled our project in Montreal last September at the dedication of the Slovak Nativity Scene at St. Josephs Oratory.

We wish to thank the SCNC for its support.

Activities Planned For Hearst During 1996, and 1997

1) A good starting point was to officially name the existing Concession Road at Bradlo " Chemin Bradlo Road ". This was initiated by Anne Bies Siska and she has succeeded in making this a reality . See report from Hearst by Anne Bies Siska.

2) The second proposal was to put up a memorial plaque to commemorate the unique Slovak Settlement of Bradlo. This event is planned for Saturday July 5, 1997.

The Bradlo Memorial Plaque Committee has met many times over the past year.

The Committee members are Andrew Tapajna, Anne Kuhayda Hendry, Anne Bies Siska , Olga ( Bies ) Stevenson , and Rudy Bies.

An application was submitted to the Ontario Heritage Foundation in April by Andrew Tapajna on behalf of the Bradlo Memorial Plaque Committee. The following is the status as reported by Andrew Tapajna.

" Regarding our application for an official historical plaque recognition from the Ontario Heritage Foundation, we have been informed that the staff have made a recommendation for the Board Of Directors Approval of our request. We have been told that everything is very favourable and we are awaiting the final decision of the Foundation Board.

This decision was made on December 6 , 1996 with the Board of Directors approving the recommendation.

We will be required to pay for half of the cost of the plaque. Our share is $ 2,500.00 which we will have to raise through fund raising activities."

3) A third proposal was the possibility of a memorial plaque at the original Church site at Bradlo. This will not be done at this time but a plaque will be installed at the original Bradlo Church now located at Lac Ste Therese.

4) A fourth proposal was to hold an Ecumenical Church service in the original Bradlo Church now located at Lac Ste. Therese . This will take place on July 6, 1997 and we are overwhelmed by the support given us by the parishioners of Lac. Ste Therese. See Annes ' report from Hearst for the status of this event.

5) A fifth proposal is a small special reception at a restaurant or at Anne Bies Siska's . We will meet at the Queens Motel as we arrive on Friday July 4, 1997. Further details are being worked out by Anne Bies Siska’s Group in Hearst.

6) And a sixth proposal is a meeting or picnic at Bradlo. This is on track and Anne Bies Siska will inform as details become available.

7) A seventh proposal is an exhibit at Hearst . This is well in hand by Anne Bies Siska and her group in Hearst. Please see Anne Bies Siska’s report from Hearst for more details. The Exhibit will take place in the Public School Gym from June 27 th to July 6th 1997. Do you have any items to contribute.

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