Volume #2

Hearst (Ontario)

Fall 1996

8) Hearst Committee

Members Anne Slobodnik Gerard, Flo Slobodnik, Anne Bubnick Brouillard, Krista Siska Joanis, Sam and Suzanne Bosnik, Mary and Steve Bubnik and Anne Bies Siska. Apologies to anyone left out.

They are a very enthusiastic group and are busy holding meetings to organize the events that will take place in Hearst next summer.

Funds are needed to make our Bradlo reunion a success.

The Hearst group is organizing fund raising events such as bake sales, and a Christmas Draw.

The Prizes for the Christmas Draw are as follows

1) Handpainted Ceramic Christmas Duck by Flo Slobodnik, donated by same.

2) Hand crafted Folk Art Reindeer, handcrafted and painted by John and Anne Siska, and donated by same.

The tickets are $ 1.00 each or 3 for $ 2.00

And may be obtained from Anne Siska in Hearst or Rudy Bies in Etobicoke.

The draw will take place sometimes before Christmas.

Let those of us from the South support this group to make next summer a success.

We need many more volunteers to contribute their time, and talents .

We thank all of those who have so generously given of their time, shared their treasured photographs of the old days , and their heartwarming reminiscences of their Bradlo experiences. This enthusiasm, warmth, and friendship is making this project a success. The Dialogue so far has been constructive.

Please comment on the suggested events and feel free to make any new proposals . If you have any photographs to share, stories to tell, family updates or upcoming Social events please contact us .



The road sign is up !!!! “ CH ( Chemin ) BRADLO RD ”.

The big day was May 17, 1996.. And does it look good.. I had gone out with our son Michael to do some video taping of the area, so that you people in the south would have some idea of what it looks like today, and we were able to film the new marker. There are copies of this tape with Rudy Bies , in Etobicoke ,and with Andrew Tapajna in Dundas. We were able to drive out on a

“ fairly” good road as far as the Sevc farm, lot 22 West. After this the road is still pretty good for driving ( if it is dry ) as far as Nadvornik’s and Lasan’s farm. From this point one would have to walk or travel in an all terrain vehicle. A car may be able to make it most of the way depending on the weather. The road is being used at the moment, since there are people living on some of the farms, namely the Hrcak farm, lot # 24 E, Concession # 3 and it is also a popular hunting and fishing area. For the

Hearst / Bradlo homecoming we are hoping to organize a trip down memory lane, namely the Bradlo Road, for the former residents of Bradlo.

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