Volume #2

Hearst (Ontario)

Fall 1996

Saints Martyrs Canadiens
Jogues Ontario,
P0L 1R0
Attn : Rev. Rene Grandmont

For those of us who’s parents were either Lutheran , or Greek Orthodox, or other, the files would be at the Anglican - United Church in Hearst. To get your information you would write to:

St. Matthews .St. Pauls
Anglican - United Church,
P.O. Box 1029,
Hearst Ontario,
P0L 1N0
Attn,: Rev. Doug Richardson

More trivia : Two Buildings in Hearst that we are very proud of are Our Lady of the Assumption Cathedral, ( Hearst is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Hearst ), and our hospital, also known as Notre Dame Hospital, were designed by a fellow Slovak, Architect Rudolf Papanek, B. Arch., M.Arch., M.R.A.I.C. As Deputy Chief Architect for the 1967 World Exhibition, he was co - designer of Expo ‘67. According to ‘Slovaks in Canada’ by J.M. Kirschbaum, Papanek was born in 1926 , in Slovakia, raised in Montreal, educated at McGill where he was the first student to obtain a Master Architecture from that University. He established himself first in Montreal then in Timmins Ontario, where you will find many important buildings of his design.

The homecoming is fast approaching and the town of Hearst is really sprucing up in anticipation with repaving, new sidewalks, repainting etc. Even the village of Lac Ste Therese, upon hearing of our plans to hold an ecumenical service on Sunday morning, July 6/97, at their church ( the former Bradlo Church ) plans to receive us. They have refinished the inside recently, so it is a beautiful little chapel.

See you in Hearst in ‘97

Anne Bies Siska (re-print of article from The Northern Times - to be included later)

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