Volume #2

Hearst (Ontario)

Fall 1996

The following article was written by Dr. Margaret Arkinstall for this news letter last July. Margaret and her Husband Bill were Doctors in Hearst from 1931 to 1947, and provided Medical care to many of those early settlers at Bradlo. They were not just our doctors, they were our friends. On October 4 th of this year Dr. Margaret suffered a severe stroke. She is since recovering at her daughter Mary Pegg’s home in Newmarket . Bradlo Memories would like to wish her a speedy recovery and ask you all to include her in your prayers this Holiday Season . We wish to thank her for hospitality and enthusiastic support for our project.

Dr. Margaret Arkinstall in Her Queensville Ont. Home. June 1996 photo R.T. Bies


Dr . Margaret Arkinstall

When my husband and I graduated from Medical School and completed our intern year in 1931 we were married and settled in our first home in Hearst in Northern Ontario. We were the staff physicians at St. Paul’s Hospital, built and owned by the United Church of Canada. The third member of the medical staff was Dr. L.A. Aubin, who had preceded us by several years and with whom we worked very harmoniously.

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