Video Release and Presentation to be Held in Toronto, Canada

Article appeared in Jednota March 31,1999

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An exciting new video, "The Ambassadors of Culture", recalling the past 75 years of Slovak Folklore in Canada is being produced by the Slovak Cultural and Information Centre (SCIC) with co-sponsorship support from other Slovak-Canadian organizations.  The video will premiere on May 8th, 1999 in Toronto during a Gala Presentation featuring performances by Slovak dance groups and award presentations to a number of cinematographers who have historically captured past performances.  Slovaks in Canada and honoured guests from Canada and Slovakia will gather for this event.

This is a sequel to the 1998 World Year of Slovaks project where we proudly celebrated 75 years of Slovak Folklore in Canada and honoured all those managers and choreographers who had given so much to the community. Due to the spectacular success of that event, the SCIC decided to build on the momentum and produce a full-length video showcasing the achievements of Slovak-Canadians who organized and participated in folklore groups in Canada from 1923-1998.  These immigrants kept their traditions alive in their new homeland, passed them down to their children, and shared their cultural heritage with fellow Canadians.  

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