Video Release and Presentation to be Held in Toronto, Canada

Article appeared in Jednota March 31,1999

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The video will combine footage of dance group performances and interviews with group managers, choreographers and dancers, in a historical panorama representing their cultural achievements. This video ~ one version in Slovak and one in English ~ will be a dynamic visual format for presenting those achievements to wider audiences. It is the mandate of the SCIC to see this video broadcast on television stations in Canada, Slovakia and around the world, wherever Slovaks may reside.

We are at the same time appealing to all Slovaks, no matter where they may live, to help financially with this video project. In this way we will all share in the success of presenting our cultural heritage to people around the world in a format that will capture the vivid images, colour and splendour that is Slovak Folklore.  For further information on how you can help or to reserve your copy of this video, please contact Ondro Mihal at the SCIC (416) 925-0008 or by e-mail at

You can be the first to see clips from this exciting production at the Gala Presentation on Saturday, May 8th, 1999 in Toronto. For anyone interested in purchasing tickets please call the SCIC office at the number above.  If you would like more information on this event you can visit our web site at

Sharon Tomas and Ondro Mihal

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