The Making of the "The Ambassadors of Culture"
or "Nositelia Kultury" Video

Article appeared in Jednota April 28,1999

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Folklore became, just like many other things in the 1950's, a political tool to get the message across to fellow Canadians that Slovaks as an ethnic minority not only exist but have fought against communism in their native Slovakia.  As one former manager of a Slovak dance troupe explained, "Folklore was used to sweeten the bitter political message", that our intellectuals were trying to get across to both Slovaks within the community and to all Canadians outside the community.  After the second World War, Slovakia was forced to re-enter into the country of Czechoslovakia, and yes, once again politics and culture were interwoven in the fight for a Slovak identity and for recognition while serving the needs of the community.

Slovak Folklore dance and theatre group Krivan

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