The Making of the "The Ambassadors of Culture"
or "Nositelia Kultury" Video

Article appeared in Jednota April 28,1999

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The video contains lovely dance footage. It also features interviews with choreographers who at one time were dancers in their own right John Kadet from the Východná and Helen Sneider from the Tatra Dancers; with managers such as Margaret Dvorsky from LIPA, Irene Timko from Domovina, Helen Jakubec from Slovenska Beseda and Milan Popik from Toronto Slovak Dancers; and with dancers and parents who made folklore a part of their life. These are just to name of few.

This video makes a wonderful collectors item for anyone interested Slovak folklore and can be ordered from the Slovak Cultural and Information Centre, 12 Birch Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4V 1C8 or via fax at (416) 925-0009 or by e-mail at .  For those who are in Toronto, the video will be available at the premiere being held May 8, 1999 and hope to see many of you there!

Ondro Mihal

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