Ambassadors of Culture Honoured by
Slovak Minister of Culture in Canada

Article appeared in Jednota June 9,1999

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A 20-minute excerpt from the video "The Ambassadors of Culture" was premiered showing the history of Slovak folklore over the past 75 years. Its most surprising clip was the interview with one of the two living members of the original 1923 Krivan Dance Troupe, 92-year old Paul Fuček from Thunder Bay.  It was interesting to hear how Slovak folklore has played an important role in the lives of many individuals who not only incorporated it into their social activities but also into important events in their lives.  Also we were shown  (on some rare film footage) the role that the Slovak Jesuit Fathers played in preserving and promoting Slovak folk dance culture over the past 50 years of their existence in Canada. 

This being a celebration of folklore, we were all entertained by various dance troupes such as Bratislava from Welland, Rozmarín from Windsor and both Junior and Senior Východná Dance Troupes from Toronto.

Východná Senior Dancers performing Verbung

Východná Junior Dancers

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