Vanguards of Slovak History in Canada

Article appeared in Kanadský Slovák May 1,1999

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We all appreciate reading a good book, hearing a passionate poem or a moving piece of music and today, most of all, watching a good movie or video.  The video documentary, "The Ambassadors of Culture", relies on the materials recorded by dedicated Slovaks within the community who took both the time and money to record on film, tape and video, throughout the decades, many of the memorable moments of Slovak culture in Canada.

These cinematographers and videographers have been recording on film and video tape many of our Slovak events; personal events such as weddings and funerals; to festive events such as picnics, annual festivals, and other public functions.  What may not be widely known is that most of this material has never before been seen by a wide audience within the Slovak community.

Mr. Jozef Silvay

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