Vanguards of Slovak History in Canada

Article appeared in Kanadský Slovák May 1,1999

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The video, which premiered on May 8, 1999 will help to bring into the public eye many never before seen events that have been recorded on film since the 1930's. It will showcase many of the 30 Dance Troupes from across Canada, and will allow the general public to see how Slovaks, for the past 75 years, have been celebrating and having fun while sharing their unique Folk Dance culture with everyone.

A tremendous heart felt  "thank you" needs to go to all those men that took the time to record the material that has been patiently and quietly collected over the years.  Some of the early pioneers like Mr. S. Senčík, Mr. J. Silvay, Mr. J. Torok, Mr. J. Dvorsky, Mr. M. Kubik, Mr. J. Gonda, and many others, who took the time and used their creative talents to record a small part of Slovak-Canadian history.  We are now the lucky ones who will have the opportunity to view this video and see our old friends, family and many who may no longer be with us.

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