Volume #2

Hearst (Ontario)

Fall 1996

Recipes From Bradlo

by Emily ( Wydareny ) Parlee

We received some wonderful recipes from Emily (Wydareny) Parlee of London Ontario. 1057 Apache Road London Ontario, N5V 2W2

Here they are for every body’s benefit . Contact Emily for any clarifications.

Dobru Chut !!!! Bonne Appetite

Sauerkraut Soup

1 Smoked Pork Hock or Ham Hock
1 Jar of Sauerkraut
1 medium Onion Chopped
14 oz. Can of Tomatoes crushed.
Put pork hock in a Stock Pot and bring to boil and skim of scum.
Boil until meat is tender, Take out and let cool.
Pick lean meat and chop, set aside. Strain Broth.
Meanwhile , rinse sauer kraut and add to broth along with onions and tomatoes.
Cook for one half hour ( ) and add ham.
Fresh Cabbage may be added if desired.

Serve with Rye Bread, and fruit for a very satisfying lunch or supper.

Cabbage Rolls ( Holubce)

1 Large Cabbage Lb. Ground pork Lb.
Ground Beef or you may use all beef.
2 cups cooked Rice ( do not over cook)
1 onion chopped, ? tsp paprika, 1/4 tsp Black Pepper, 1 ? tsp salt.
Enough Tomato Juice to cover Cabbage rolls.
Wash Cabbage, Cut core, Pour Boiling Water over to separate the leaves.
Let stand to cool and cut out centre core to make rolling up of holubce easier.
Mix Meat , onion, rice, and seasoning.
Drain leaves and divide mixture to put on leaves and roll up tucking ends in.
Line bottom and sides of roaster pan with discarded cabbage leaves .
Put in rolled cabbage rolls on top close together .
Place layer on top if necessary . Pour Tomato Juice on top row .
Cover with discarded cabbage leaves and bake at 325 deg farenheigt for 1 ? hours or more if you wish.

When cooling be sure to remove the roaster cover to allow steam to escape.

Cream of Potato Soup

6 potatoes, 1 large onion, ? cup celery diced 1 tblspn chicken soup base, 1 tsp veg oil.
3 cup milk, 2 tblspn Flour, 1 tspn salt pepper to taste.
Peel and dice potatoes and onions.
Saute in 1 tsp. Vegetable oil for two minutes. Do not brown.
Add enough water to cover , add soup base or broth if you wish. Cook until potatoes are tender .
Add milk , bring to boil, mix flour and ? cup water and add to soup and cook until slightly thickened.
We like a few drops of Vinegar added to our soup.
Instead of potatoes you can make base and add Green Beans, or Yellow Beans or even Lettuce.
(Note: We do Cream of Cabbage Soup this way. Anything that catches your fancy.)

Serve with Whole Wheat or rye Bread or Rolls. Enjoy . Dobru Chut !!!

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