SCNC organized activities in 1996 and 1997

Slovak Crèche presentation in Montréal - Sept 7, 1996
Reception following Crèche presentation in Montréal - Sept 7, 1996
Easter Around the World Slovak participation as organized by Slovak Canadian National Council..
Windsor, Ontario
May 2
- 3 - 4th, 1997
Eduard Kukan Visit to SCNC
October 22-23, 1997

Information about Slovak Canadian National Council is prepared
(and many updates are in the works) by
Slovak Canadian National Council,
Margaret Dvorsky, President.

Informacie o Slovenskej Kanadskej Narodnej Rady a jej aktivitach pripravuje (a vela dalsich podrobnosti zanedlho)
Slovenska Kanadska Narodna Rada,
Margaret Dvorsky, predsedkina.

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