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Photo by Ondro Mihal - Kaviaren in Bratislava

Part of the joy of travelling in Slovakia is sampling the regional cuisine and experiencing the local culinary specialities.  Slovaks love to eat and many of the local food offerings have been served in Slovakia for generations.  There are many dishes that are typically Slovak that you can find no-matter where you are in Slovakia.  The first is bryndzové halušky, a serving of dumplings with melted sheep cheese and fried bacon sprinkled on the top. Many refer to this as the national dish and it is usually the least expensive menu item so give it a try! Another unique feature that will surprise many new visitors to Slovakia is that each menu will list the weight of the meal, in grams, generally to the left of the meal listing. This wonderful feature allows you to determine the size of the portion.  By far, the most popular Slovak dessert is crepes (palacinky). They can come filled with jam (s lekvárom); ice cream and chocolate sauce (so zmrzlinou a cokoládou); farmers' cheese and raisins (s tvarohom a hrozienkami); or stuffed with nuts, chocolate sauce and whipped cream ( s orechami, cokoládou a šlahačkou). So do not let your inhibitions rule while you are in Slovakia.  Go ahead try something different!

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