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Photo by Ondro Mihal - Grandfather Clock  - 1907

The idioms of "Time waits for no man", "the clock is ticking" or "Time is of the essence" are inescapable facts of everyday life. Our constant infatuation with time is very much a recent occurrence and many have put the blame of our preoccupation with it on another well known idiom  "Time is money".  Until the dawn of the second half of the 20th Century, people did not have the luxury of knowing or caring about what the exact time was.  The town or village clock in the 19th Century was the only real measure of time for the common man during his journey through a 24-hour day - it tolled every hour on the hour and it was a reminder of lunch time or when someone in the village had died.  Today we are constantly reminded what the exact time is by the digital readouts of time we see on street corners, on radio or tv, on our wrist watches or on our mobile phones, microwaves or computers.  In many ways we have become slaves to time due to the ever increasing demands of our daily lives. The only way to even strive to achieve our time commitments is by making sure that we manage our time wisely and effectively.

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